Recent advancements in technology, as well as reduced cost has made it easier then ever to enable effective online tutoring. In this blog post we will discuss the best technology to use and why.

1. Wacom Intuos

This small writing device lets you easily draw math equations or express other ideas live during a virtual tutoring session. Simply connect the Intuos to your computer and use it as a input device with our virtual whiteboard technology. This will enable any computer to become a effective teaching or learning tool.

2. MEKO Precision Stylus

This $14 device can turn any touch screen computer into an effective writing device for online tutoring. The only drawback to this option is it is not as precise as the Wacom Intous, but at $14 it is totally worth it.

3. Google Chromebook

Google Chromebooks w/ touchscreen provide a great touchscreen surface to enable easy writing during tutoring sessions, but also include built in camears and microphones to enable an all-in-one electronic device to enable effective virtual tutoring.